Thursday, 20 September 2007

Racist Friends...

Doesn't it put you all in a quandary when you know someone for a fair amount of time (in this case, about 13 months), get along with them really well and think they are pretty cool, only for them to all of a sudden start spouting racist remarks and expressing racist sentiments, all completely out of the blue?

My friend actually said to me today, in all earnestness, "They come over here and they take all our jobs." I mean, who the fuck still says that? I thought that phrase died with Alf Garnett (Note to non-English and people under 25: Use Google to find out who Alf Garnett is)! It's a quote straight out of 'The Sun's guide to being a Little Englander' and second in the Knee-Jerk-Racist-Phrase polls only to, "It's not that I dislike [insert minority group here], but...." Needless to say I am a bit dissapointed in my friend and am struggling not to think they are a bigotted half wit.

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